Beauty Finds


I am one of those people who could spend hours at the cosmetic store.  My husband didn’t get it so I explained that its like my Home Depot.  Not all busy moms can or want to devote that much time checking out the newest and hottest products.  Thankfully there are boxes of beauty that can be delivered right to your doorstep.  Its such a great concept that many companies are jumping on board.  So many options, how do we choose?  Here’s a quick round up of some beauty box companies:

BIRCH BOX  A monthly subscription of 5 beauty samples selected based on your hair, skin and style. COST: $10/month or $110/year PROS: Point system for reviews, personalized items, good quality products CONS: Long wait for the first box, small samples, expensive brand products (could be a pro if all you want is a sample, con if you want the full size)

IPSY A makeup bag filled with full and sample size products COST: $10/month PROS: the bags are cute and versatile, variety of items, great size samples, sneak peaks of the next months bag CONS: lots of repeats, dare I say I have enough bags & the dreaded WAIT LIST (who wants to wait?)

TARGET The well known retailer has come out with their own beauty box COST: $5/month  PROS: Super inexpensive! And it comes with a Target GC (who couldn’t use that?) CONS: They are still working out a few kinks, its relatively new

ALLURE Originally managed by, the well known magazine’s now manages this monthly subscription. It includes full and sample size products from high-end and sometimes award winning brands.  COST: $15/month PROS: Products picked by the editor and a mini magazine included which gives item description and ingredients CONS: pricier than the $10 competitors, not many choices for sensitive skin types

GOODBEING (formally knows as GOODEBOX) Try non-toxic, healthy beauty products that are customized to your preference.  COST: There are 5 options for membership plans ranging from $18-21/month PROS: Customize preferences and membership, non-toxic products are a plus! CONS: No rewards or incentives offered

GLOSSYBOX Gives you a whopping 8 beauty products in your box, 3 at full size! Includes a mix of well known brand names and new up and coming lines.  COST: $21/month (offers 6 month and annual membership savings) PROS: Wide range of products plus a tips and tricks card to show you how to use them, option to give as a gift  CONS: Pricey! but you get what you pay for

BEAUTY BOX 5 The name says it all, a monthly beauty box filled with 5 samples of products such as makeup, skincare and fragrances.  COST: offers three different plans $12/monthly, $30/quarterly, $100/yearly PROS: offers natural and vegan products, rewards and incentives, access to tips on their website CONS: Cannot be customized in any way

PLAY by Sephora is a monthly selection of samples picked from their shelves to your door.  Each month has a different theme with well known high end products.  COST: $10/month  PROS: Includes a fragrance sample, tips and tricks, and a cute bag CONS: some of us don’t like to “play” the waiting game when we can just go to our nearest Sephora store

FABFITFUN This one is not really a beauty box but I had to throw it in here.  It has a little bit of everything! Beauty, wellness, style, and fitness.  It’s a seasonal box that you can order as long as they still have it in stock COST: $49/box PROS: you get to see the items before you order, FULL size products, variety of items, $40/box deals!  CONS: Shipping takes too long, also if an box sells out, you’re out of luck!

What beauty box subscriptions do you like?


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