The Shy Child

My mini-me:18278679_10155218977044754_1337537791657597074_o

***WARNING:  Proud Mama Moment Alert***

My gorgeous girl here, the one exuding confidence and sassiness, all ready for her dance recital, would you believe was the shyest little wallflower?

Almost 12 years old, and wise beyond her years, my first born!  My husband and I probably did everything wrong in the beginning but we hoped we were doing everything right by her.  She was always so shy and sensitive.  Parades were her nightmare.  Birthday parties were crippling, especially when the piƱata came out.  While most children are throwing elbows to get to the candy, my girl would just look at us with tears in our eyes begging for help.

I did what any outgoing mother of a shy kid would do, I pushed her into every single activity I could find.  Ballet, soccer, gymnastics, cheerleading…you name it, we tried it. And failed, miserably!  But this wasn’t my baby girl’s fault…it was mine!

I wasn’t letting her find her own way, I wasn’t letting nature take its course.  I was being pushy and impatient.  I finally learned to do what I wanted her to do all along, have confidence! I wasn’t a horrible mother, I was learning as was she.

Now a middle schooler, she wants to try new things and meet new people.  She wants to be at the birthday parties and fight for the candy.  Now I have the child who hip hop dances on stage with ease, rides ATVs, zip lines, takes on the scariest roller coasters, rock climbs, and wants Daddy to drive faster!

I know there are other mothers out there with shy children wanting to break them out of their shells.  My only advice to you is let it happen!  I’m so proud of my daughter, not for what I tried to make her into, but for what she is becoming all on her own.



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