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Thinking Spring

As I sit in my house cozied up to the fire with 2 feet of snow falling outside, I am thinking of spring weather.  More like praying for spring weather.  With spring comes open toe shoes, bright colored nails and, of course, new makeup!  Here are some fun makeup trends for Spring 2017:

  • Dewy skin-As the temperature outside goes up, the matte look is harder to maintain.  Foundations with a dewy finish looks natural and glowing.  These great foundations give you that dewy (but not sweaty) look: Vapour, Clinique, Becca , and Maybelline do the dew:
  • Bold eye shadows-Think 80’s! From blues to greens to pinks and even yellows, the bold eyes are making a comeback. Tip: keep the rest of your face minimal for a more subtle, natural look.  Nars, Smashbox and Covergirlare bringing back the 80’s!
  • Glossy eyes-I have always loved this look but it can be difficult to do without the lids looking oily.  The trick is to use a small amount of eye gloss, like Kevin Aucoin’s Diamond Eye Gloss,  or even some Vaseline, with a shimmery shadow from the lash line to just about the crease.  Voila! A subtle sheen that looks divine!
  • Highlight-Contouring is so last season, Spring 2017 is all about highlighting.  Using illuminators on the cheekbones, the bridge of nose, and above cupids bow will naturally contour your face and bring out your natural beauty.  There are so many amazing illuminators but these by Becca, Glossier, Topshop, and Ilia

    These looks are sure to get you ready for Spring!


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