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Sunless Tanners

Memorial weekend! The unofficial start of summer.  A weekend filled with barbeques, parties, fun in the sun, and baring those not so tan legs.  Yikes! What’s a girl to do? Fake it!  Self tanners not only give you a great looking tan, they also:

  • make you look thinner
  • make you look healthier
  • conceal imperfections
  • are safe!

Now the big question, which ones are the best?  The number of self tanners on the market is overwhelming, especially with all the different types. Here’s a list of my top 5 favorites: Continue reading “Sunless Tanners”

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Makeup, hold the NUTS

I have had skin problems for as long as I can remember.  It’s actually how I got into makeup to begin with.  I always felt I needed to cover up so I learned different ways to do it.  In my teens, I was on every topical cream the dermatologist could prescribe.  Then I moved on to medication, even tried Accutane twice.  While it helped for a little while, it seemed nothing cured my acne.  Now in my thirties, I still suffer from it.  A doctor recommended I get an allergy test (why didn’t I think of that sooner).  So I did, and was shocked to find out I am allergic to tree nuts.  Eliminating them from my diet was one step.  Now comes the tricky part…eliminating them from my makeup, skin care and hair care.  Ever really look at the back of a bottle and read every ingredient? Well that has become my life.  Some of the nut oils found in beauty products are:

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10 Things About Me

  1. My sign is LEO and I am true to that liony sign in every way…so are two of my three kids.  Oh my!
  2. I have no clue what my natural hair color is anymore, I have been dying my hair since high school.
  3. I both love and hate the fact that I live within 5 miles of the town I grew up in.
  4. Clowns terrify my, my kids will never experience the circus because of those creepy things.
  5. I’ve never liked the taste of coffee but drink it out of necessity.
  6. I could listen to Zac Brown Band all day long.
  7. I never leave the house without my mascara on and my brows done.
  8. My current read is How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie, it has changed my way of thinking!
  9. I am addicted to Pinterest, it has become a problem and I think I need help.
  10. My husband says I have Disney eyes, not sure if that’s true but I love when he tells me that.

Melt-Proof Makeup

We love summer time! Barbecues, beach days, pool parties…and makeup melting off our faces.  Humidity and hair definitely don’t mix, but neither does sweat and makeup.  So whats a glamour girl to do?  Try some of these tips to help your makeup stand up to the rising temps and humidity: Continue reading “Melt-Proof Makeup”


Matcha Tea

The Perfect Matcha

I walked into my favorite local coffee shop the other day, and instead of my usual Green Tea Chai Tea Latte, I decided to try something new.  My friend behind the counter made me an amazing Matcha Latte assuring me not only was it good but it was good for me too.  Needless to say I was completely satisfied with the taste, but I was also curious.  How could something so delicious be good for me?  So I decided to do some research:

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Motivation Monday

I’m 38 years old and have been to Vegas only once. That one time I went, I happened to be four months pregnant with my third child. Not the cute kind of pregnant.  More like the tired, nauseous, bloated, I-look-like-I-ate-too-much-at-the-buffet pregnant!  So this summer my husband and I are doing a Vegas do over. This time NOT PREGNANT!  I’m so excited that I’ve already bought three new outfits for it. This one I call “the motivator”:

Everyone has something that motivates them to get in shape, a friend to workout with, a health issue, an event coming up, or even that new dress.  The hardest part about starting a new fitness plan is actually getting started. After that the hard part is over.

What motivates you?


Vacation Workouts

It’s motivation Monday! Many people are enjoying some R&R during spring break right now and finding it hard to stick with their workouts while on vacation. These are some of my favorite apps that make it a little easier to get your workout in so you can get back to the beach:

  1. Nike+training workouts A collection of fun workouts hosted by celebrity athletes. You can mix up your workouts or follow a month long program. 
  2. MapMyRun My personal favorite. The only equipment  you need is a pair of sneakers. It’s great exploring new running routes on vacation. 
  3. MHunters Need a push? This is like having your own personal coach motivating you to reach your goals. The exercises use your body weight, making it easy to do anywhere. 
  4. Seconds interval timer We know hiit is effective in producing maximum calorie burn in minimum amount of time. This app has templates for hiit, tabata and circuit training so you can get your workout done fast!
  5. YouTube The possibilities are endless. You can find and complete any workout, from yoga to Pilates to kickboxing, all in the comfort of your hotel room. 

Now that you’ve gotten in your workout, go back to enjoying that frozen margarita! 

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Gym Friendly Products

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Admit it, we work out to look good!  But we can still look good while working out, right?  YES! You buy the cute gym outfits, the stylish shoes, the expensive yoga gear…don’t forget your face.  These gym friendly products will have you looking your best while you break a sweat:

Continue reading “Gym Friendly Products”